Scooters & Painting

Complete show winning body and paint finishes including fabrication, welding, helmets and more.

Unique, Rare, & Odd

1957 Triumph Tessy Super

1957 Triumph TWN Tessy Super

Another super rare oddscoot from Tom & Anna’s collection.  The legshields were cut down and had to be repaired, the inside of the body had rusted out and had to be coated with a spoecial wax coating to prevent it from getting any worse and many parts had to be re-made from scratch!  Painted in […]

1952 Freccia (the blue arrow)

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1952 Freccia (the blue arrow) Freccia pronounced (frech – e – ah) and means “arrow” in italian. This is one rare hand made Italian motorscooter, belongs to Tom & Anna in NY and is rumored to be one of less than 100 or poss 50 ever made! Truth is this is 1 of 5 known bikes, […]

1968 PAV scooter trailer


customer brought this russian made PAV 40 motorcycle trailer into the shop to have it restored to match one of his vespa-side car rigs. We restored the chassis, and made a totaly custom hitch set-up, incl. a wired in quick disconnect trailer plug! The brake light and taillight both work with the scooters rear lights. […]

Moto-Rumi formachino


Moto-Rumi formachino “the little ant” considered one of the most powerful motorscooters offered between 1957-1965, the Moto-Rumi formachino or “little ant” was praised by enthusiasts and industry publications alike! Today this has become one of the most sought after or “must have” scooters in any serious collection. This little Ant was found here localy in […]

1958 progress scooter


another one of Tom and Anna’s odd scoots gets special treatment, notice the painted on 1958 decal and the primer grey powdercoating on the inside of the body as per the original finish…

Service Bikes


Here are some of the bikes that customer’s bring in for services and repairs. Anything from just ordering or installing a few parts, cutting keys, or to do a complete major service!