Scooters & Painting

Complete show winning body and paint finishes including fabrication, welding, helmets and more.

Finished scooter projects

NYPD police Lambretta Eibar

1971 NYC police eibar (12)

Sent to us by Australian Siobhan Ellis to restore for her charity Lammy drive across three continents on three lambrettas event. Spanish made Eibar and later Serveta motor scooters were used by the NYPD during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Not many of these original NYPD lambrettas survived their time in service. …

Vespa 90SS


Original German market Vespa SS90 sent to us for paint and body. We are going to turn this into an Italian version of the SS small-frame by adding the dummy tank and spare wheel in the leg shield for the customer. Come back and watch as this one transforms into something very special …

1966 vespa 150 super – 1951 Roman Holiday reproduction


We were contacted by local movie theater chain Harkins and asked to build a reproduction of the 1951 vespa used in the 1953 movie Roman holiday, ridden by Gregory peck and Audrey Hepburn. We found a Vietnamese restored 150 super that had already been made to look like handle bar vespa and dis-assembled it, …

1961 lambretta series two – Rome Olympics bike reproduction

2016-04-20 02.11.47

Owned by Natasha Diffey @ lambretta Obsessions in Sydney Australia, she competed as a weight lifter during the 2000 Olympic games so she asked us to use “00” as the bikes number to commemorate the occasion! There were originally 80 lambrettas donated for use in the 1960 Rome Olympic games, but only about half …

1973 vespa rally 180

288 web

This was found local in a back yard sitting for over 20 years. Motor was a P200 when we found it so we rebuilt the motor, welded up the holes in the body, straightened the sheet metal, and then had it powder-coated Texas brown before rebuilding the entire bike with all new rubbers and …

1961 Lambretta TV175 series two preservation


I got this bike 3 years ago and until recently never did a thing to it! this bike is mostly original paint and originally had the headset top, horn casting, and taillight polished. The bike was a true survivor and came from northern California. I disassembled it completely, polished out the original …

Lambretta TV175 series 2 Olympics tribute


Australian Graham O’brien sent us his Lambretta TV175 to paint with a custom metallic blue and white 1960 Rome Olympics theme. Bike was sent back and built by Lambretta Obsessions in Sydney as a tribute to the original 80 Lambrettas donated by Innocenti to the games in 1960!

Lambretta LI150 series three


  Just painted this bike for a local customer – this one turned out absolutely stunning in its red, white, and blue graphic scheme!

1962 Vespa GL150 preservation project


1962 vespa GL150 preservation project just finished! this is one of the nicest original vespa GL models we have ever seen! This bike was sold by the original owner who rode this bike in the 1960’s to go to college and get his masters degree. he sold the bike at a local auto swap to […]

early Vespa VBB “roundtail” model


Customer John Anglin was so pleased with the Lambretta we recently restored for him, that he dropped off this Vespa just 2 days after we delivered his Lambretta back to him!  We gave the vespa the same top shelf treatment we give all our customers and this is the result.