Scooters & Painting

Complete show winning body and paint finishes including fabrication, welding, helmets and more.

Finished scooter projects

Lambretta LI150 series three


  Just painted this bike for a local customer – this one turned out absolutely stunning in its red, white, and blue graphic scheme!

1962 Vespa GL150 preservation project


1962 vespa GL150 preservation project just finished! this is one of the nicest original vespa GL models we have ever seen! This bike was sold by the original owner who rode this bike in the 1960’s to go to college and get his masters degree. he sold the bike at a local auto swap to […]

early Vespa VBB “roundtail” model


Customer John Anglin was so pleased with the Lambretta we recently restored for him, that he dropped off this Vespa just 2 days after we delivered his Lambretta back to him!  We gave the vespa the same top shelf treatment we give all our customers and this is the result.

Lambretta series two “winter model” turning front mudguard

wayne S2 wintermodel (28)

Customer Wayne Perkins from Australia sent along this Lambretta Series 2 with an original turning mudguard and horn cast to have us build him a Spanish winter model turning mudguard bike.  We sourced a set of original forks from Spain and went about sorting all the paint and bodywork for this stunning project. We also […]

1978 Lambretta Serveta


Boeing Mechanic Noel Marler brought in his fathers Lambretta Serveta and asked us to finish building his started restoration.  Bike came to us already powder coated and in a million pieces.  We put it back together and got it running like a Swiss watch for him…  

1961 Vespa VBB


Long time friend Robert from Tucson Arizona recently asked us to restore his Vespa VBB, He has decided to go Triple black or “murdered out” as we like to say to accent his goth lifestyle!  We think Edgar Allen Poe would approve. Meet Robert at the cemetery gates on any given night to see …

1963 Lambretta LI150 S3


Local John Anglin dropped off his lambretta LI150 S3 to have the paint and body freshened up, quickly the project turned into a full nut and bolt restoration.  We think you’ll love this lambretta in it’s new 1958 Lambretta Ivory and 1958 Cadillac Daphne Blue color scheme as Much as we do!

1957 Triumph Tessy Super

1957 Triumph TWN Tessy Super

Another super rare oddscoot from Tom & Anna’s collection.  The legshields were cut down and had to be repaired, the inside of the body had rusted out and had to be coated with a spoecial wax coating to prevent it from getting any worse and many parts had to be re-made from scratch!  Painted in […]

Spanish built lambretta – Serveta LI150

pics to email 5916

Katrine Williams who lives in Chicago bought this Servetta and had it direct shipped to us here to have the motor rebuilt and the rest of the bike modernized and cleaned up just in time for rally season.  We  replaced all the faulty serveta wiring and controls along with painting a few things to replace […]

1966 Lambretta SX200


  Customer Paul Hamra  found this scooter in his neighbors garage and was able to make a deal to purchase it, then brought it to us for a complete restoration.  This bike turned out to be a complete stunner!  dig the subtle touch or red thrown in to accent the seat and those original vigano […]