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EXCLUSIVE 2nd avenue custom designed Series one speedometer rings

2nd Avenue Scooters is excited to to bring you three new limited edition custom made series one speedometer rings and the return of our very first design the “beehive”! Once again we have teamed up with our friends over at Nelson Engineering to custom design and make one off lambretta series one speedometer trim rings that not only accentuate the beautiful lines of the lambretta series one machine, but adds that one off custom touch not everyone will have off the shelf! Each trim ring is made from aircraft grade aluminum, milled on a multi access CNC lathe, each to our specific design. We improved the original design by re designing the originals with more material above the threaded holes so there is less chance of the mounting screws pushing or dimpling the trim rings at the outer surface. These can be polished to a high luster, chrome plated, painted, or even anodized! Each one sells for $125.00 plus postage worldwide. We have a very limited supply on hand and have no current plans to run these again unless there is a large demand in the future?
1. The famous “Beehive” design that started it all! We made only 10 of these and I am sure just like the first batch of 8 they wont last long!

2. The Aztec 2.0, a fresh take and re-design on our original Aztec stepped design. The 2.0 has the steps cut closer to the body of the ring and then widened at the top lip to create a bolder look around the speedometer face giving this a much more powerful and masculine presence from the rider’s perspective. ONLY 8 of these have been made available so grab one while you still can!

3. Our all new “double groove” design that is nearly identical to the first handful of prototype trim rings that the innocenti factory released before removing the grooves and making them smooth on all series one LI machines. Our double groove design allows you to enamel stripe in the grooves to match the accessories or paint scheme on your Lambretta and tie in the details all the way to the speedometer! We have a mere 8 of these available and We think these will be very popular with the “in” crowd.

4. Lastly we bring you an almost exact copy of the hard to find TV1 175 speedometer trim ring. Made to fit all TV1 machines and to look nearly indistinguishable from an original once chromed plated or polished. No need to search for one any longer if your is damaged or missing and we all know how hard it is to find TV1 parts either original, NOS, or proper restoration quality these days! NOT made to order, but in stock now and in limited quantities! PM us for details and we promise you’ll be 100% completely satisfied!

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