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1963 lambretta TV200 project bike $9500.00 firm!

Well the time has come to sell my Lambretta TV200. ONLY selling this because I need a very expensive back surgery and insurance does not cover the procedure. Scooter is 100% original and has not been modified or repainted. speedometer rebuilt by speedoking, panels have been primered on the exterior only, and there is NO rot or rust in this bike whatsoever. USA sold lambretta and all original parts are factory white paint. Motor looks to not have ever been apart or taken out of the bike. Headset has damage and i have sourced another original white paint complete headset to replace the original damaged one with. Front fender is newer reproduction from the UK, upgraded BGM rear shock, NOS headlight, NOS battery, extra headlight bezel, brake lever, and kickstart lever have been rechromed (originals are still on bike)newer big bore double pipe exhaust, original shock gators, Lucas stinger taillight and NOS Lucas tail lense assembly in the original box included. original seat, concessionaires rear carrier, new heidenau race tires, GT badges, original and rare GT decals, NOS horncast badge, new lambretta panel badges, two ignition switches with keys, headlight switch, etc. This will make for a very easy restoration project, patina daily rider, or nice custom. Hate to have to sell this as it completes my TV collection, but tired of being in back pain constantly so must sell. Price is firm so please respect that. I have a clean title in my name, I can paint this in addition to the sale, or do a complete preservation or restoration on this for an additional cost once bike purchase has been paid for in full if buyer would like. please contact me if interested and thank you.

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