Lambretta Fork Link Exchange

Tired of the front forks “diving” everytime you pull the front brake on your Lambretta?

For many years there have been bolt on damper kits, weld on kits, progressive springs, even high pressure cast links pre-made for damper mounts available on the market. Many of these kits can be either labor intensive to install or expensive.

I offer a reasonably priced alternative to those kits while keeping your lambretta as close to original as possible. Taking original Innocenti fork drum links, I have the damper mounts professionally made and welded on, and then have the links re-chromed. You get original Innocenti links modified as per the original Lambretta factory models with drum brake and dampers!

Send me your old links and I’ll exchange them with a set already finished and re-chromed. Turn around is usually within 24 hours if I have the specific model links you require, otherwise I can get them back in about 2 weeks. Please contact me for current pricing and availability of specific links today.