Motorcycle & Scooter Fuel Tank Services

There are several ways to clean out an old, rusty fuel tank and most of these tried and true methods work to an extent, but I’ve found that if a clean tank is left untreated it will start to rust again and then the original problem returns.

Many of the radiator or cream coatings work for a short period of time, but can clog internal breather lines. Typically over a period of time, today’s newer detergent fuels break down the liners and coatings causing them to lift or break apart inside your tank, clogging carburetors and fuel systems and causing even more headaches!

One of the many services I offer is to have your tank chemically dipped to remove all foreign matter, old liners, and rust from the inside and exterior finishes of the tank. Then I take them to a local aerospace coatings lab to have them electrolessly nickel plated. This heavily plated finish will not rust or fail for the life of the tank and lasts better than the original factory finish.

I offer a fast turn around time and in some cases an exchange on certain scooter tanks. Please feel free to contact me for pricing and availability of exchange tanks.