Custom painting for vintage motorcycles & scooters

2nd Avenue Scooters are proud to share our unique skills learned and practiced to the highest of standards since 1996. These skills were acquired working at custom paint and body shops, learning from some of the best custom painters, airbrush artists, and skilled body men in the industry. I am always keeping up with current technologies, attending trade events, and sharing an avid love for all vintage two wheeled machines. All the while continuing to practice my craft with old school beliefs, and quality in mind.

We offer High end complete bespoke services and are here to help with your project from concourse to custom, be it a motorcycle, scooter, helmet, or just about anything else related. Since early 2009, 2nd Avenue Scooters has won awards for our high-end work, including multiple best in show wins at concourse and national events, and have earned the reputation for being known as one of the best paint and body restoration shops in the vintage scooter community, worldwide.

Some of the many paint, body, and related services we offer are:

  • Rust removal, sheet metal repair, and fabrication
  • Gas tank cleaning & electroless nickel plating
  • Paint & bodywork
  • Powdercoating
  • Zinc plating hardware
  • Custom machining
  • Helmet & misc. parts painting

We offer insurance estimates and repairs on scooters and insurance paint and body repair for motorcycles. Please feel free to contact us for scheduling, wait times, and pricing.

See below for galleries of projects painted by 2nd Avenue Scooters:

1958 Lambretta LD150 MK3

Rome Olympics Series 2 replica