Aluminum rivet for all models (Lambretta, Vespa)


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Lambretta rivet for all models. Special made exact to the factory original fixing rivets used to affix lock housings to the glovebox door, also used on many of the original accessories for both Lambretta and Vespa such as wheel spinner badges, fork boot covers, sidepanel flash badges, etc. These are made from aluminum to assure an easy fitting without damaging paint or breaking the lock housing body during instillation. Uses a special tool to crush and install properly. Listed under several different part numbers in the various Lambretta model parts books (#8 in the diagram shown here) and originally made of steel, the original rivets are hard to install without the use of a special $500 tool. After breaking several lock housings and damaging paint installing NOS originals, I had these softer aluminum ones made to make the installation process easier with less chance of doing damage.


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