Volkswagen single/double cab truck rear canopy frame wedges


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Volkswagen single/double cab truck rear canopy frame wedges. Made slightly oversized, these canopy wedges keep your tilt canopy from swaying or bouncing while driving. The originally become worn and shrink over time allowing the canopy frame to sway back and forth while driving causing the welds at the front of the canopy to crack and eventually break. Originally remedied by adjusting the side gate latches as the gates are worn and stretched from years of use, but in time the latches become frozen and can no longer be adjusted to remove the slack. These wedge blocks have been unavailable from the dealer and are currently not being made as a reproduction replacement item. Faithfully 3D resin printed slightly larger with high quality material these should last longer than the originals and keep your canopy snug against the side gates for many years to come.


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